VehicleCounter in Funchal

10 September 2018

“Destinations” is a co-funded European project that builds up an integrated approach to address mobility and tourism in six European cities participating to 2020 “CIVITAS” initiative. One of them is Funchal, in the beautiful Madeira island (Portugal).

In late June 2018 we went there to help the local Mobility and Traffic Division setting up a new network of traffic monitoring sensors that will help them in achieving their “CIVITAS 2020: Destinations” project goals.

Particularly, we provided the local municipality with three M1125-E Axis cameras hosting our VehicleCounter application. They monitor the three major inbound roads, leading towards the seaside. Collected data are sent to our Data Browser web platform, allowing Funchal Mobility and Traffic Division to inspect them in real time. Cameras connectivity is granted by three “connectivity boxes” we designed specifically for this purpose.

Funchal is also participating the European Mobility Week (16-22 September) and within it will present a few findings they obtained from our sensors. For more information, check our web site and the Funchal municipality web site.