Vehicle Counter

VehicleCounter is a traffic monitoring application for the Axis Camera Application Platform (ACAP). It can be installed on board of most of the ACAP-enabled Axis camera server, turning your Axis camera into an intelligent traffic monitoring sensor. Video analysis is performed on-board, so that the only data transmitted are analytics: no image is transmitted by VehicleCounter to any host (unless you instructed your Axis camera to do so).

VehicleCounter can be entirely configured using your web browser, by accessing its configuration pages that are perfectly integrated with your Axis camera’s web interface. Our configuration tool allows you to draw virtual sensors directly on the images grabbed by the camera. In few minutes you will be able to start collecting data.

This video shows the configuration process.


  • Real time count of vehicles moving on the monitored lanes
  • Real time estimations of vehicles speed and length
  • Vehicles classification (six built-in classes - configurable class boundaries)
  • No hard requirement on camera positioning (height or angle)
  • Configurable data retention period
  • Complete set of CGIs for data extraction (data are returned in the form of JSON documents)
  • Event triggers for the following situation: vehicle passage, wrong-way vehicle, traffic congestion
  • Robustness to different lightning and weather conditions
  • No hard limit on the maximum number of monitored lanes
  • Effortless integration with the FLOUD platform


  1. An ACAP-enabled Axis camera server or video server with firmware version 5.80 or newer.
  2. A LAN or WAN to connect the camera.
  3. Internet access (for integration with the FLOUD platform)
  4. Power supply
  5. A web browser (for configuration of virtual sensors and camera settings)

How to get VehicleCounter 3

Ask for a quotation by writing us an email:
Special prices for bulk orders and 30-days trial are available.

How to get a license

VehicleCounter uses the Axis licensing system. Two kinds of license are available: 30-days trial and full license. Both require that you write an email to specifying what kind of license you are requesting (for full licenses, please specify the quantity to get a quotation). Then you can get the license by visiting the Axis License key registration page. Open the page in your web browser, then follow these steps:

  1. Enter your camera serial number
  2. Select “I have a license code” radio button
  3. Enter the license code provided by Magenta in the text box
  4. click “Generate”

A link to a license.key file will show up. Download the file and store it a safe place. To install the license, first install the VehicleCounter EAP package, then access the “license” page on your camera’s web interface and follow the instructions.


VehicleCounter v3.3 User Manual (3MB)